Department Faculty

Faculty in the department collaborate with an extensive group of faculty across campus. Gender and Women’s Studies students get significant personalized attention from our faculty. Our department is known for its investment in the well-being of our students, and its smaller size means that it is somewhat easier to cultivate a community among undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff.

Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Office: 626 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 office hours: W 3:30-5pm, by appt.)
Research Areas:

Associate Professor of Gender & Women's Studies; Director, Center for the Study of Sexual Culture
Office: 624 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 Office Hours: TH 9-11am, by appt.)
Research Areas:
  • Queer and feminist theory
  • Disability theory
  • Critical animal studies
  • Materiality studies
  • Cultural politics of race, sexuality, ability, and immigration
  • Critical linguistics
  • Paradigms of inter- and transdisciplinarity

Assistant Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
Office: 632 Social Sciences Building
Research Areas:
  • Black Feminist Theory
  • Afro-pessimism
  • Gender and Sexual Violence
  • Political Philosophy

Professor, and Director of Media Studies
Office: 628 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 office hours: M 4-6pm)
Research Areas:
  • Postcolonial and Transnational Feminist Theories
  • Immigration and Diaspora Studies
  • Feminist Cultural Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Iranian Cultural Politics and Diasporas

Assistant Professor
Office: 622 Social Sciences Building (on research leave Fall 2020)
Research Areas:
  • Black women’s social movements
  • State violence and authoritarianism
  • Racial formations in Latin America, the Caribbean and the US
  • Critical race theory
  • Feminist and queer theory
  • Environmental ethics
  • Black visual culture and aesthetics

Associate Professor and Chair of Gender & Women's Studies
Office: 618 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 office hours: M 10-11am & F 4-5pm, by appt.)
Research Areas:
  • Gender, medicine, and politics: Cultural, political, and experiential aspects of breast cancer in South Korea
  • How, why, and to what effect constructions of gender, class, and race are mobilized and manipulated in South Korea
  • Structures of cultural temporality (future, present, or past orientation) and anti-poverty policies (U.S. and South Korea)

Associate Professor and Vice Chair of Research in Gender and Women's Studies
Office: 616 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 office hours: TH 2-4pm, by appt.)
Research Areas:
  • Gender and capitalism
  • Feminist theory
  • Political economy and transnational processes
  • Ethnography

Associate Professor of Gender & Women's Studies, and Vice Chair for Pedagogy
Office: 620 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 office hours: M 3:10-5pm)
Research Areas:

  • Critical prison studies

  • Queer/trans social movements

  • Anti-colonial feminism

Emerita Professors

Professor of the Graduate School, Gender & Women's Studies and Ethnic Studies
Research Areas:
  • Comparative race and gender studies focusing especially on political economy, immigration, labor and citizenship
  • Critical race and feminist theory and transdisciplinary methods

Emerita Professor of Gender & Women's Studies and Sociology
Office: 612 Social Sciences Building
Research Areas:
  • Feminist theory
  • Sociology of gender, families and childhood

Emerita Professor
Research Areas:
  • International development and women
  • Electoral quotas in legislatures for women

Professor of the Graduate School
Office: 630 Social Sciences Building
Research Areas:
  • Feminist theory
  • Film theory and production
  • Comparative literary and art theory
  • Cultural politics
  • Third world arts and politics
  • Postcolonial theory and transnational studies


Continuing Lecturer
Office: 614 Social Sciences Building (Fall 2020 office hours: Tu 5:15-6:45pm, by appt.)
Research Areas:
  • Cultural Studies
  • Affect and Landscape
  • Settler Colonial Studies
  • New Materialisms
  • Bodies and the Nation
  • Feminist Theory

Lecturer in Fall Program for Freshman
Research Areas:
  • Theories of contemporary Visual Arts
  • Postcoloniality,  migration and diasporas
  • gendered forms of transmission of knowledge
  • social theory formal and informal education of women
  • urban ethnography, globalization and spatial injustices
  • xenophobia in contemporary Europe, discrimination against Roma Gypsies and refugees from the Balkans
  • informal labor, gender and precarity in Europe

Office: Fall 2020 office hours: W 2-3pm
Research Areas:
  • Critical Pacific Islander/ Oceania Studies
  • Indigenous and Native Studies
  • Climate Justice and Land Rematriation
  • Indigenous Decolonization Movements in the Pacific/ Oceania and Turtle Island (U.S)